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School Awareness Program

Date today: Mon Jan 2020 | Email: info@sicklecellnetworkug.org

Sickle Cell Network Uganda carry out Sickle Cell Disease/Trait awareness in secondary schools and tertiary institutions..

And it’s these young people whose choices and decisions will affect the next generation. Once they are made aware of the scourge of sickle cell and its diverse challenges on life and the economy, they will make wise choices when they want to start families. We encourage young people to screen and know their genotypes.

We also want to bridge the gap between the teachers and the students battling with this disease. If the teachers come to understand the complications of sickle cell disease, and how to manage them, they will be able to help the students, and this will encourage many to stay in school. We aim at letting other students understand those with sickle cell disease, help them whenever needed, encourage them and support them. Look out for someone in pain and not just ignore them. Through these sensitization programs in schools, we believe stigma will not exist.